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A partner you can trust because
we do things differently

We are leading the cannabis industry by…

making high quality, multi-tested and traceable concentrates, oils and various MMJ products. We develop proprietary terpene blends of botanical, isolates, or solventless cannabis extracted terpenes. 

We hold ourselves
to a higher standard

We invest extra time and money to ensure our products meet OUR quality standards which often exceeds the allowable standards in the markets we operate in.​

Our cumulative experience is deeply rooted in teamwork based culture.

Individual excellence within 1440 is only ever measured by the output of our team. we strongly believe in this and stand behind it.

Below are our most sought-after offerings.

Check our bulk products page for our full assortment or talk with our team about your specific needs.

More Info

You want someone that you can trust. It is important to select partners who have a good reputation in the market. On the label, it’s going to say, "Manufactured by 1440 Processing LLC", and you want to make sure you’re picking a partner who has a good reputation there.

- Michael Green