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We most commonly form
partnerships in two ways:

Introducing brands to the Oklahoma market by processing and selling within the state.

Supplying THC, CBD, and specialized cannabinoids to national partners crossing categories like food, pet, beverage, and skincare.

Our Team

We are a team of experts across seven key industries that are passionate about helping our partners whether you’re still in R&D and need expertise or looking for a trusted supplier.

Mark Karazim

Chief Information Officer

Mark has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years, the last 10 years in the government sector. He is PMP certified and prior MCP (Microsoft Certified Programmer.) In addition, he has obtained multiple Microsoft Partner certifications while under employment. He carries a wide range of skills in development, management, and back-office automation. He is a qualified SharePoint developer, .NET programmer, and SQL specialist. His skills shine in back-office operations, automation, and integration. He has implemented multiple ERP systems (Dynamics GP,NAV,JAMIS,Acumatica) and has in depth knowledge of true cost accounting. Although new to the manufacturing sector, almost all of the same principals apply in the government world. Job Costing, Forecasting, and Dashboards are critical, and play a daily role in Mark’s role as CIO. Mark has obtained multiple ISO 2015+, CMMI (Dev and SVC) Level III certifications, as well as FedRAMP and NIST 800-171 certifications which secure our technology and financial resources to the highest government standards. Mark has most recently worked with the 1mil to 30mil growth of small businesses to mid business levels. He is extremely familiar with bridging the older technologies with the current cloud infrastructure standard. Due to the wide range of skills, he is able to allocate almost any technical resource to meet the demand of the customer or requirement.
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Mory Richardson

Director of Business Development

Mory has developed and launched numerous companies over the last 25 years ranging from auto dealerships such as Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and many other luxury brands across the country to private cap retail stores in national markets. Mory has also worked in numerous markets globally and offers experience in all standards of manufacturing, marketing, and sales. He has extensive experience in growing metrics that are measured for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or national scalability of a private cap entity. He possesses the ability to understand the uniqueness of each market and the impact of growth as it pertains to each. He has accreditations and licensing in numerous areas that would be associated with the needs of our clients. He has experience in the Cannabis space for over two decades. That experience included project management over an aquaponic vertical operation of over 100-acre campus. His life experiences contribute to a wide array of skills in communication, innovation, and leadership. Bringing all these gifts, skills and talents to a high paced industry offers our clients peace during project management and as well as other phases.
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Dillon Stephens

Administrative Director and Data Scientist

Dillon has worked in analytics and management for more than a decade, his career erupted while simultaneously managing 30+ employees at an Outback Steakhouse as well as a local wedding/event catering company here locally in Oklahoma all the while a full-time student. While growth continued at Outback and while completing school, he ventured into training for fine dining with a focus on wines and liquors. After finishing school, he joined the leadership team at Mitchell CPA in Shawnee OK as a Junior Accountant. As Dillon grew with Mitchell, he was asked to help lead Boomerang Diner Inc. with more than 55 statewide locations. Dillon handled payroll, reconciliation, and all forms of accounting applications for all stores statewide. Dillon has always had a heart and passion for cannabis and its medicinal versatility, leaning into research and self-education of the plant. After the passing of 788 which legalized MMJ in Oklahoma, Dillon acquired multiple certifications pertaining to the MMJ industry. Dillon led a local dispensary chain with several stores and 15 employees, increasing revenue by 85% and gross margin by 6%. Dillon continued his growth trajectory as he pivoted to learning the lab and processing side of the industry. Dillon started working with 1440 and has accepted more and more responsibilities as his growth continues to flourish. He studied intensely under 2 PHD level Biochemists, an expert formulation/infusion chemist, and a master engineer to familiarize himself with all forms of efficiencies and innovations in CO2 Extraction, Distillation, and BHO Extraction. His cannabinoid and terpene knowledge has escalated into area that rivals many of his peers in the Biochemistry field.
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Oliver Nia

Manager of QA/QC and Infusion/Formulation

Oliver has worked as an organic and formulation chemist for 5 years. In academia he was an organic chemist, research and development lab manager, before moving into formulation development in the private sector. In addition, he has been published in for his work in biomolecular tagging for early, disease diagnosis. He has focused on the organic synthesis of biomolecules using various laboratory procedures. He has years of experience in working in chemical research and development that is centered around the laboratory techniques of: electrophoresis, reflux, solvent recovery, product isolation and purification, effects-based formulations, and chromatography. In the cannabis industry Oliver has a skillset for the formulation of distillate and cannabinoid products which focus on specific terpene and cannabinoid based effects-blends. He has developed blends using terpene isolates, botanically and fruit derived terpenes, ketones, esters, aldehydes, flavonoids, and other natural raw materials, including one of, if not, the first developed vape products using only terpene isolates. He has a history of distillate manufacturing by CO2 extraction, and all subsequent purification steps, including: emulsification, winterization, filtration, solvent recovery, decarboxylation, and distillation. In addition to laboratory work, Oliver has spent the past 18 months working with state testing labs to gain and track testing data in order to determine proper testing of raw materials through finished goods to maximize manufacturing/production efficiency according to LOD, LOQ lab data collected, in accordance with testing consistencies.
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Alex Meador

Manager of Distillation and Solvent-less Extraction

Alex Meador is the team’s Distillate Manager. Coming with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from Oklahoma State University and some doctoral research at the University of Oklahoma, Alex has mainly been involved in research and academia. During his time at OSU he worked with both water fleas and mosquitoes to observe the effects of different nutrient limitations and gene knockouts. At OU he worked with bacteriophage and stem cell engineering as well as fungal extraction and screening to find new, undiscovered compounds. With a desire to switch from academia to industry, Alex accepted a job offer with 1440 Processing and has not looked back since. He currently oversees the entire pipeline for manufacturing distillate such as: CO2 extraction, emulsification, winterization, filtration, solvent recovery, decarboxylation, and distillation. If needed, he assists the hydrocarbon team with manufacturing BHO. He also leads research and development of pressed medicinal mints and tarts, nano-emulsification, and our new solvent-less cryo-rosin. Alex hopes to make an impact by expanding the umbrella of medicinal cannabis while providing transparency, education, and innovation to the community.
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Luke Kelly

Manager of Hydrocarbon Extraction

Luke Kelly received his Bachelors in Biochemistry from The University of Texas at Austin. He spent his undergraduate years participating in research and acting as a teaching assistant for the university’s center for systems and synthetic biology. This research was primarily related to genetics and genetic engineering. After making the decision to depart from academia, Luke moved to Denver in pursue a career in Cannabis extraction. In Denver, he applied his biochemistry knowledge to his passion for Cannabis. There, he gained experience in all facets of Cannabis extraction and processing while working in labs that crafted Cannabis products for successful Denver based companies. In 2020, he brought his talents to Oklahoma City to work in 1440’s state-of-the-art facility and to pass on his knowledge of Cannabis processing to a new pool of enthusiastic workers.
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